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The unique sci-fi background, action and one, huge battle! That's how Warframe could be described in short. This co-op game will suit even most demanding tastes because of it's fast paced gameplay and remarkable graphics. Join the battle and help Tenno spice before it's been driven to extinction.

The Warframe 's storyline will take you back to conflict between two nations - Tenno and Grineer. Grinners have created a powerful imperium which has almost destroyed any other civilizations. The conflict seems to change when Tenno have found a historic artifacts - unique body armors. This new equipment change skills of it's owner making him faster, more powerful and extremely lethal.

Warframe is based on co-op solutions and our main hero looks like a futuristic soldier. He can fight both sword and guns. Create the skillful team and fight against Grineers! You are the only one who can help Tenno before it's too late!