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One of the first browser-based MMORPG ever! :) Created in 2004, is constantly modified and improved, so you never get bored. Forge alliances, build armies, upgrade your settlements and fight!

You start the game by choosing one of three available tribes - the Romans, Gauls, Teutons. Each of them has its own individual bonuses and abilities. For example, the Romans are well-balanced, have benefits in the form of improvements to buildings. The army is extremely strong, but also quite expensive. Gauls are effective in defense and their armies move much faster. Remember that the choice of the first tribe will have a huge impact on the game further. In Travian, there are also two additional tribes controlled by artificial intelligence. You can attack them to train your troops and gain valuable raw materials.

Aside from organizing fights it is also important to organize life settlements. You will have a number of different types of buildings at your disposal. Take care of diplomacy! When you surround a group of allies, the game will be much easier and more enjoyable.