Armored Warfare

Armored Warfare
4.3 (24)
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Armored Warfare is a brand new game made by Obsidian Entertainment. This time it's all about steel monsters. But what makes it so special? Armored Warfare focuses on modern fighting vehicles and tanks.

Challenger I, T-90, and much more. All these technological miracles available for you to drive and fight against thousands of players around the world. Armored Warfare uses CryEngine to render it's graphics, that's why tanks models and environment are all very realistic and give you a feeling of a real battlefield.

In contrast to other tank games, AW doesn't only come with PvP gameplay. Here you can join 3 other players and join a co-op mission agaist AI driven enemy. PvE missions are more laidback and much less stresfull compared to competitive PvP games.